Business Benefits of Using FitCloudConnect

FitCloudConnect is an essential part of any fitness clubs strategy for competing in a highly digital world.  Technologies such as cloud and smartphones along with the increased availability of high speed internet at affordable prices to virtually all populated areas around the world means that the time is now to give your members digital options.  Below are just 12 of the advantages to implementing the FitCloudConnect platform.  

Not much explanation required here.  The competitive nature of the fitness industry means that clubs are always looking for new revenue streams.  Virtual Fitness allows clubs to be creative in creating new revenue streams.  For ideas, please contact our sales team





Give the people what they want!  Virtual fitness allows members to live the fitness lifestyle in a way that complements their busy lifestyle.  Come to the club when you want and take the club in your pocket for the times you can't make it.





There is a phenomenon that occurs every February 15th (or so) where everyone with new years ambitions suddenly find themselves no longer going to the gym.  In the days of annual memberships perhaps retention wasn't such a concern as long as you got them back by new year's again.  With monthly memberships becoming more common the issue of retention is at the forefront and quite simply put, the #1 reason people quit their membership is that going to the gym doesn't fit their lifestyle.  Virtual fitness provides mobile fitness so members can do their workouts anywhere, anytime.  It's a lifestyle thing!





There is approximately 60-70% of people in developed countries who despite having the means to join a fitness club, simply will not.  This could be because they are:  too shy, self-conscious, unable to make the trip, too busy, believe they are too old for a gym, etc.   What this boils down to is lifestyle.  Does going to the gym fit my lifestyle?  For many the answer will always be "no".  FitCloudConnect virtual fitness re-defines the fitness lifestyle with anywhere, anytime fitness. 

Implementing a virtual fitness strategy using FitCloudConnect means that you now have unlimited geographic reach for signing new members.  New markets, new countries, new continents.  It's a big world out there.



Softening the onboarding process refers to the ability to bring your new members on board, get them to form the habit of fitness, and transform that habit into a lifestyle of fitness.   Often the successful onboarding of new users is impeded by excuse after excuse related to the distance, time, and over inability to "get to" the gym. With FitCloudConnect virtual fitness you can give the members the ability to come to gym or do their workouts at home, at work or anywhere.  And the best part is, with FitCloudConnect virtual fitness you have metrics dashboards to show which users did which classes, how many classes, and hold them to it.  



FitCloudConnect Virtual Fitness enables members to create online memberships and participate in the activities that they prefer.  Using any desktop, laptop or mobile device generates member metrics and data.  In this current age of information and big data, member insights and behavior are the difference between good business and fantastic business.  The FitCloudConnect platform provides metrics on important consumer behaviors and preferences.



Fitness Clubs are limited to the physical space that needs to be filled.  Ensure every square foot of the club is being utilized to maximize profits is paramount.  With virtual fitness streaming there are no physical limitations.  Clubs can offer specialized or niche content with only the benefit of providing members with more options.  Attract new demographics, test new programming, and increase member participation and ultimately satisfaction.

In today's highly competitive fitness industry, only the "fittest" will survive.  In order to survive and thrive, clubs must be thinking about how to differentiate themselves from competition.  Simply telling yourself that "we are better" is probably not going to cut it.  What are you doing to differentiate.  Virtual fitness streaming is a hot new technology and a large market is prime for the takers.



Every fitness club is looking at the Millennial Generation and trying to figure out how to capture their dollar.  According to IHRSA 2017 Health Club Consumer Report, Millennials are the highest spending demographic and therefore are commanding a lot of attention from fitness club operators.  Millennials are also the smartphone generation.  Anything coming to mind?...... Fitness Streaming will be critical to appealing to the Millennial consumer.



New markets, new markets, new markets.  Where can fitness clubs find new markets?   Using the current method of offering corporate employee membership discounts is very effective but still requires the employee to sign up and pay.  Study after study show the importance of fitness and exercise for employee productivity and companies are willing to pay to provide it.  You are already running the classes, why not enable corporate fitness studios and employees to access content at the office. Remember retention is about engagement and frequency of touchpoints between member and club.  Virtual fitness streaming provides new revenue and exposure to new prospects.



So you have invested to have a mobile app created for your fitness club.  That is a great first step.  But let me ask you a question... "What do members actually do with you app and for how long do they interact with your BRAND while using it?"  The answer is "very little" and this is because most mobile apps do little more than offer scheduling information, attendance reservations, and other "administrative" options.  While these are all very important to member convenience, they provide very little in the form of frequency or touchpoints, perceived (and differentiated) value, and exposure to your brand. The second question is "which screen is your app on their smartphone?"  Everyone has their most frequently used apps on their first screen and as they continue to scroll through endless other apps, most fitness clubs are buried somewhere in screens 2 or 3.  Your app needs to become essential to the user and adding Virtual Fitness Streaming engages members for hours at a time, offers them choice of where and how to do workouts, serves up valuable member insights behind the scenes, and gives the member unlimited access to YOUR BRAND and the customer experience.  I'm betting you are moving to Screen 1 now!



We have a whole list of additional potential benefits we would love to discuss with you!

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