Corporate Wellness

You don't have to go far to find articles and documented evidence of the importance of corporate wellness programs.  Fitness Streaming as part of a corporate wellness program goes beyond discounted memberships for outside clubs and actually provides the ability to stream workout and wellness content directly into the corporation for maximum convenience.

FitCloudConnect offers two ways of delivering fitness streaming into a corporation.  The first delivers content to a kiosk in the corporate fitness facility.  This allows any employee to visit the fitness room at any time, and do the workout of choice.

The secondary method is a more individualized approach as it provides each employee with their own login credentials such that they can login from the corporate fitness center or their office, laptop or any device.  An employee may be looking for office stretching, meditation or relaxation content or a simple heart rate booster 3 minute workout.   

Choose FitCloudConnect for maximum value in delivering fitness streaming to Corporate Wellness.



Fitness Clubs looking to offer corporate wellness to corporations can use this method to allow corporations to setup Kiosks in the corporate fitness studio (s).  Kiosks can be connected to big screen TV, video walls, or projectors along with amplified speaker systems to increase impact and employee experience.

Employees can access workout content whenever they wish via the kiosk. 

Fitness Clubs can define their own cost models to the corporation and use FitCloudConnect as a branded or co-branded medium for deliver and revenue generation



Fitness Clubs also have the option of offering an individualized approach to corporate wellness by enabling each corporate employee the ability to have their own login and access from any computer or device on the corporate network.

This approach enables employees to take advantage of all of the benefits of an individual account and have access to a variety of wellness content that is appropriate for desks, offices or open building spaces.

Examples of content might include:  desk stretching, meditation, relaxation, 1-2 minute energy booster workouts, etc.

The individual employees enjoys the benefits of the FitCloudConnect built-in Fitness Tracker, Scheduler and more.

Fitness Clubs can charge a premium price for this implementation and Corporations can receive reports on overall employee usage.

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