Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What is an FAQ?

An FAQ is a page showing frequently asked questions along with the answer. Think of it as a shorter way to find answers to direct questions that you may have.

Does FitCloudConnect sell direct to consumers?

No. FitCloudConnect has developed a technology platform for organizations who wish to sell fitness streaming to their customers and members.

How much does it cost to get started with FitCloudConnect?

You can see our pricing on our pricing page. Go to the footer of this page and click on "Pricing"

Is the FitCloudConnect system branded to look like my club or business?

Yes. We have designed the system to be highly customizable so that you can present your brand with your logo, colors and images.

If I create content and upload it into the FitCloudConnect cloud, do I own that content? Can I take it with me if I ever decide to leave?

Yes and yes. You own your content. At no point do we have any ownership or licensing rights to your content. You can take it with you if you were to ever leave us.

Does FitCloudConnect show advertising on my Virtual Fitness Training Center?

No. Your VFTC is your own private content platform. At no point, will we show advertising of any sort.

How does FitCloudConnect compare to YouTube and others?

This is a great question. FitCloudConnect was built from the ground up for the fitness industry. We have taken great care in customizing the platform to meet the unique needs and requirements of fitness providers. While the core streaming technology is similar we believe the FitCloudConnect platform offers more customzation, greater usability, and overall a better experience for owners and customers.

Do you offer a free trial of the FitCloudConnect system?

Yes. Please visit our Getting Started link or our Pricing page and select Free Trial

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