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100+ Clubs & Large Enterprises

FitCloudConnect was originally architected and designed for 100+ club chains and large fitness facilities.  Using our REST-API's allows us to integrate into virtually any existing club management, billing or other software.  Our Enterprise solution pretty much offers all of our product features. Among the features specifically designed for large enterprises are the following:

Infinite Scalability

Using the latest in world-class cloud infrastructure allows us to architect, design and deploy a solution capable of supporting millions of users and thousands of clubs

Delegated Admininstration & Reporting

Club, Regional and Corporate Level Reporting and Administration Delegation Report and setup administrators based on multiple access roles across numerous regions and clubs all from a single Master Admin Console

Automation Through Integration

Using the FitCloudConnect REST-API we can integrate with virtually any existing software solutions to enable a singular view and management of systems. The FitCloudConnect Patent-Pending FITUP1 Camera System is built to be fully integrated with your scheduling system for complete automation so no manual processes are required to be managed.

Camera Health Monitoring

If you are deploying dozens or hundreds of FITUP1 cameras to your clubs you have a singular view of the current health status of those cameras from your admin console.

KPI Trackers

Deciding on your own custom Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and use the FitCloudConnect platform for setting and monitoring specific operational goals within sales, retention, attrition, classes and much more. The KPI’s are made available based on user roles, so you can provide different user groups with their own set of KPI’s.


Our well designed REST API's allow you to integration to virtually any software system.

Self-Service Signup, Payment and Cancellations

Enable individuals to use self-service for signup, payment, upgrades, downgrades, special programming purchases and more.

No Proprietary Hardware

FitCloudConnect does not require any proprietary hardware. Administration consoles and member portals are web based and delivered from the cloud. Any kiosks or other specialty A/V equipment can be purchased as standard COTS.

Agile Branding and Messaging

The entire virtual fitness training center is completely brandable and is done via your admin console. From images, to colors, wording and more, changing your messaging on a regularly basis is done easily and quickly

Learn About More Features for Large Clubs

Contact our sales team at to setup a conversation or demonstration.

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Mid-Size Clubs

Mid-Size Clubs can benefit from the great flexibility and choice in how complex or how simplified they would like the FitCloudConnect system to be.  Mid--Size Clubs can start with FitCloudConnect Lite, use most of the features or select FitCloudConnect Enterprise and let the heavy features wait for another day. 


For Mid-Size Clubs that range from 5 clubs+ you may want to focus on the automation elements of the content generation using our FITUP In-Studio equipment.


If you want to keep costs lower to begin with FitCloudConnect Lite with manual content uploads or automated uploads using Producer App will suit your needs. 

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Smaller Clubs

For our startup and smaller club customers, we have a fantastic product called FitCloudConnect Lite.

Available at a starting price of a simple $99 a year fee plus user licenses, this package in very inexpensive and gives you everything you need to run your online fitness streaming offering.

Key Features Include:

  • Branded to Your Club

  • You Set Your Own Pricing

  • Quick and easy deployment

  • Member self-service signup, payment, and upgrades & downgrades

  • Member Insights

  • Integration to Mindbody Online*

  • Integration to Stripe payment gateway for credit card payments**

  • Live Stream via Producer App

  • Upload any recorded content for video-on-demand

  • Member receive free fitness tracker

  • Member workout scheduler and reminders

  • Unlimited Instructors

  • Much more

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