Live Streaming or Recording Videos is Very Easy With Today's Technologies






Use your smartphone or tablet video recording feature or download the FitCloudConnect Producer App for advanced functionality


Have a camcorder sitting around.  Set it up on a tripod or stable stand and start recording.  Check out our Sound section to improve your sound


Most recent DSLR cameras have video recording capabilities.  Be sure to ask what the max length of video recording is for your DSLR. Check out our sound section to enhance the recording


Studio Smart Cameras

Our patent-pending Smart Cameras are available for those looking to have a fully integrated experience as part of FITUP1.  Our Smart Camera is intended for permanent use in studio and integrates fully into scheduling for a fully automated experience



Sound is going to separate the good from the great.  This should be one of your biggest investments in order to get a great live stream or recording.  There are dozens of ways to configure your camera to accept sound and we'd be happy to further discuss our tested solutions.

FitCloudConnect Smart Studio FITUP1

FitCloudConnect Smart Studio FITUP1

With the FitCloudConnect FITUP1, studios are equipped with HD cameras along with fully integrated stereo sound. Instructors just put on their headset as usual and teach their class

Shotgun Microphones

Shotgun Microphones

Shotgun microphones can be used along with many devices and range in price greatly

Lavalier Microphone

Lavalier Microphone

Also known as a lapel mic this is perhaps your best investment for fitness streaming and recording. Just make sure to get the wireless one :)

Smartphone  Built-in Mic

Smartphone Built-in Mic

You can use your smartphone or tablet built-in microphone like many You-Tubers do but you will get that hollow sound which will lead to poor customer feedback

Smartphone and Tablet Mics

Smartphone and Tablet Mics

There are a variety of smartphone and tablet microphones that plug directly into the device. Some are better than others

Wireless Fitness Mic

Wireless Fitness Mic

If a lapel mic is not your style or budget then the old faithful over-the-head fitness microphone will do just fine


Lighting is critical for setting a mood or creating emotions.  You can also have alot of fun with lighting.  There are a few key lighting concepts to be aware of to ensure that your recording isn't ruined.  Don't be overly concerned with perfect lighting, we are not shooting a hollywood movie here.  Most of your members will watch a workout once or twice and then move on to the next one.  We want good quality and high volumes of new content to keep them coming back for more.  Check out internet searches on Basic  3 or 4 Point Lighting as well as Video Lighting Basics.


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