How Does It Work?

It's not magic....

well, maybe a little....

FitCloudConnect Cloud - this is our cloud.  This is where all of the core infrastructure and storage of videos is done.  By operating this cloud YOU don't have to have any hardware or infrastructure at your site.

Our Cloud

Workouts & Content - You create your own content at your studio or at the beach or anywhere you want.  Workouts can either be automatically uploaded to your Virtual Fitness Training Center (VFTC) or manually uploaded by you on any computer or smartphone. If you prefer to purchase or license 3rd party content that's okay with us.  Just remember, in order to best differentiate from your competition, show off YOUR BRAND loud and proud.

Your  Branded Virtual Fitness Training Center

Member Self Service - Individuals signup to become members online via self-service signup.  You are happy with new revenue and your members are happy with AnyWhere Fitness.

..the rest, as they say, is a "Wee bit of magic!"

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