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  • Brad Weber

A Business Traveller's Guide to Workouts on the Go

For everyone who has done business travel you know the challenges of keeping up a fitness regime. As a 'road warrior" myself for almost 10 years, I spent endless nights in hotels in different cities and the daylight hours going from client site to client site. Somewhere in there you need to find something that resembles a healthy meal and hopefully a workout.

Ah, the hotel workout. Trends heading into 2017 and beyond show some of the thought leaders in the hospitality industry starting to equip hotel rooms with fitness equipment, running clubs, rental running shoes (yuck) and fitness in a bag tools including workout cards, DVD's and other items.

Let's take that fitness experience to the next level! Imagine if you could take your home fitness club with you on the road wherever you are in the world? Do the same classes, listen to the same instructors, and enjoy the "continuity of fitness" from your normal routine back home. Yes, that's where FitCloudConnect comes into the picture and we're here to stay.

The FitCloudConnect mobile app allows any business traveller (or anyone who is a club member) to access fitness and training routines, classes, and much more at any time, anywhere. Users can view live streams or watch recorded content and pause, or save for later if they run out of time.

Using the FitCloudConnect system, fitness clubs can create content that solves the unique challenges of how to workout in a hotel room (perhaps using body weights, yoga, HIIT, or pilates) or provide the user with workouts that can be done in the hotel fitness studio. These workouts could involve live or recorded spinning classes, treadmill or elliptical workouts or complete workouts using equipment and dumbells frequently found in hotel gyms.

Another great source of ideas for business traveller workouts can be found in a recent article by Jeff Laboon of Men's Fitness Magazine who wrote an article on March 10, 2017 entitled, "The Best Pieces of Fitness Equipment That Fit in Your Carry-on." That article can be viewed here:

My advice to fitness clubs would be to team up with these fitness equipment providers and create some great workouts to accompany the traveller and make them available through the FitCloudConnect Mobile Gym Platform. Creating member value and keeping retention high is about making fitness fit your members lifestyle.

Using the FitCloudConnect mobile gym app, you could also do your workout outside on a pool deck, adjacent piece of grass or a nearby park. Strap your smartphone to your forearm, plug in the wireless bluetooth earbuds and have fun! (and work hard)

While many business travellers also have access to a myriad of fitness apps on the various app stores, none will provide the continuity of their own fitness club and the trust they put in knowing that their local club has hired the best trainers with the right credentials to put you through your paces safely. This is all about taking YOUR GYM with you wherever you go. All you have to do is visit or email your fitness club and ask for it by name, FitCloudConnect Mobile Gym. The AnyWhere Fitness Connection.

The lifesytle of fitness is changing and FitCloudConnect is leading the charge!

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