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  • Brad Weber

Biggest Threats to the Fitness Industry 2018: Follow The Fitness Leaders

Club Industry article published online today looking at the Biggest Threats to the Fitness Industry is very interesting.... particularly because it also offers the Biggest Opportunities for 2018.

Adam Zeitsiff, CIO and Senior Vice President of Brand Innovation at Gold's Gym International, when asked what is the biggest threat to the fitness industry responded "...the continued rise in boutique fitness studios.... and the notion that fitness should be available to a consumer anywhere, anytime..." in particular referencing the millennial market....

As the industry's number one supporter and partner to fitness clubs looking to offer anywhere, anytime fitness, we agree that it is a threat, if you do not embrace it. The trend is hot, companies like Peloton have overnight $billion valuations so what is left for fitness clubs to think about? Yes you may have some members switch over to online online but you are also going to increase your geographic reach, demographic reach, have the ability to offer more variety of content and ultimately if you don't do it, your members will switch to a club that is doing it.

I can attest to the fact that boutique fitness studios are the first to be seeing the trend and embracing anywhere fitness. To read the entire article visit the link below. To find out how FitCloudConnect can get your club online with anywhere fitness within days visit

Live BIG!

Brad Weber


FitCloudConnect Inc.

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