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  • Brad Weber

CEO Question of the Week: Does Fitness Streaming Help the Challenge of Group Fitness Expenses

Over the last year, I have been asked many questions about the various ways to implement fitness streaming and virtual fitness and recently I was asked a very interesting question, It went like this "each year fitness clubs reduce their Q4 investment in group fitness and other expense items in order to meet EBITDA targets and company bonuses (true or not but that was the question). This often means layoffs and/or class reductions to reduce labor expenses. Can FitCloudConnect assist in helping clubs remove the burden of group fitness as an expense overhead?"

This question immediately resonated with me as a true area of challenge for fitness clubs who provide group fitness as an included part of the membership fee. The answer to this question is "yes". FitCloudConnect fitness streaming enables clubs to create a revenue stream for group fitness (and other services) in order to offset the group fitness expense line item. While those who join as in-club members have access to group fitness classes at no additional charge there is an opportunity with FitCloudConnect to offer access to group fitness classes to those same members (with the convenience of accessing them anywhere at anytime) or new "online only members" at an additional fee. Even for those clubs that charge a premium membership fee for access to group fitness, the FitCloudConnect fitness streaming service can be included with that premium fee or you can tack on an additional anywhere fitness upsell.

For many existing members, they travel for work or vacation or would simply like to have access to do a group fitness training at home or at the office and they would be willing to pay to have access to the club 24 x 7 x 365 and stream the workouts.

For individuals that either canceled their membership because of cost, distance to the club, or any of many possible reasons, they are now able to access content from any mobile device either live or on-demand and it delivers new revenue to the club.

The streaming membership is just one way that clubs can drive new revenue using the FitCloudConnect Fitness Streaming Platform.

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