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  • Brad Weber

CEO Question of the Week: Extinction of Trainers and Instructors?

Your brand is your people and I"m sure this comes as no big revelation to you! Despite our increasingly technology driven world, people still need people to create a great experience. One of the questions that comes across my desk on a weekly basis is "Are you suggesting that the group fitness instructor is no longer needed by offering virtual fitness solutions?". To that I respond 100% of the time by saying "on the contrary in fact, we believe that virtual fitness will only realize it's true potential by using your instructors and trainers!"

Allow me to explain....

For the last few years the first generation of virtual fitness solutions existed and they focused on (1) delivering fitness programs INTO the club and (2) delivering content developed by some third-party content creator in a studio somewhere and licensed to clubs. This is the model that eliminates the need for club instructors and delivers a highly IMPERSONAL member experience that is the same at every club that has that technology in place. How do you differentiate when you are all delivering the same content? How does a member have a great experience when they have no way to ever meet that instructor, interact with them? How does third-party content build YOUR brand? How do you monetize this model?

2.0 Virtual Fitness solutions such as FitCloudConnect have introduced a highly BRAND-FOCUSED approach to delivery LIFESTYLE FITNESS and CONNECTIVITY to your members. Fitness Streaming or as we sometimes refer to it as Virtual Fitness 2.0, is the about putting your instructors and trainers and YOUR BRAND at the forefront of your marketing, sales and member experience and retention efforts.. Your people and your brand are paramount and it's time to change the way you think about using your best asset to grow and retain.

FitCloudConnect allows you to deliver live-streaming and or recorded wellness content to members 24 x 7 x 365 on their smartphones, tablets and computers. This is all about members having access AND A PURPOSE to accessing their fitness club outside the walls either via a website or mobile app. Mobile apps today focus on delivering schedule and class reservations which provide a small service but create no stickiness to the brand outside the club. However, by strategically designing a member engagement model using fitness streaming, you can create a member DEPENDENCY on the club and build a strong unbreakable relationship.

If members are able to come to the club or interchangeably have the convenience of doing their favorite training either at the club or while on vacation, while working late or simply unable to visit the club that day or week, there is no downside for clubs. While they may not be in the club, they are still interacting with the brand and receiving VALUE for their membership dollars. As it stands today, the membership model requires 60-70% breakage to be sustainable but that is not something that needs to continue because while it works financially it reeks havoc on retention efforts. Why not have the member still receive VALUE and inevitably keep renewing year after year with an anywhere fitness solution. Your instructors can continue the relationship, your members receive VALUE, the club's capacity breakage model continues to work and the member renews.

We say "embrace your talent, put them on the forefront of the brand and start to differentiate from your competitors with FitCloudConnect - The AnyWhere Fitness Connection!"

Survival for the future means that it's time to "THINK OUTSIDE THE WALLS TM "

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