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New Initiative Helps to Inform Fitness Consumers of the Eco-Benefits of AnyWhere Fitness Streaming.

OTTAWA, CANADA – January 13, 2018 – FitCloudConnect “The AnyWhere Fitness Connection TM” , the fitness industry’s leading Online Fitness Streaming Platform to help fitness clubs / studios, wellness providers and equipment manufacturers to quickly and easily kickstart their online streaming presence, today announced their FitCloudConnect Green Initiative.

The Virtual Fitness and Fitness Streaming markets having been gaining momentum this past year and as the industry spends more time investigating the technologies and the benefits, there are inevitably new suggestions and findings. “Our Green Initiative is not about telling you not to go to your club or anywhere else for that fact. Life is busy and requires us to be out and about. The green initiative is about awareness and informing people that even the smallest change in behavior can make impactful change” states Brad Weber, CEO of FitCloudConnect. “With strong market players like Peloton driving the anywhere fitness consumer craze, fitness clubs will inevitably jump on board and offer fitness streaming and we have the technology platform to help them do it.”

Fitness Clubs have spent the last decade “Going Green” by using recycled materials, reducing water use, using environmentally friendly cleaning products, and implementing low energy lighting and equipment. Anywhere fitness enables members to engage with the club on an even more frequent basis and perhaps make 1 less trip per week to the club.

“We all know that the clubs traditionally have wanted members in the club but with fitness streaming becoming more mainstream, clubs are recognizing that consumers can be just as happy paying their membership fees and renewing each year while enjoying a hybrid (in-club and online) club experience. Consumers will never stop going to the club as an online streaming experience is not going to fulfill the entire needs of a fitness club member who enjoys the equipment, atmosphere, and social aspects. Many will add AnyWhere Fitness to their membership to enjoy the flexibility and choice of fitness streaming and now they can feel socially responsible when doing it” concludes Weber.

Fitness streaming is a win/win for consumers and fitness clubs and now also a win for the earth we live on.

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About FitCloudConnect

FitCloudConnect – The AnyWhere Fitness ConnectionTM – is a live streaming platform for fitness clubs, yoga studios, and other wellness providers. The platform allows fitness and wellness providers to establish an online presence for streaming both live and on-demand fitness workouts. Club and studios can have a fully branded online fitness club within days at prices starting at $99 per year. For more information visit

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