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  • Brad Weber


FitCloudConnect, the fitness industry’s leading Online Fitness Streaming Platform, to help fitness clubs/studio’s, wellness providers and equipment manufacturers, to quickly and easily kickstart their online streaming presence, today announced the availability of their Free Trial Program for U.S. and U.K. Fitness providers.

The program is designed to allow fitness providers interested in providing their own online fitness offering the ability to test the FitCloudConnect platform and become comfortable with online fitness streaming. Of great interest is that the program enables the club to have a free test VFTC for up to 1 year at no cost.

“2017 was a great year for fitness clubs and providers recognizing the impending need to offer online virtual fitness streaming to compete with online only direct-to-consumer fitness providers such as Peloton, BeachBody-On-Demand and others, and with the increased awareness, there are still many questions around how it works, what to expect, and just an overall comfort level with this new technology” said Brad Weber, CEO of FitCloudConnect. “We feel it is the right time to launch this program and provide our customers with a trial term that allows them to truly engage and get a feel for the platform, the revenue models, and develop a plan for how to integrate it into their existing strategy and processes.”

The FitCloudConnect platform is unique in that it was designed to allow fitness clubs and other wellness providers the ability to offer their own group fitness classes and other content via live stream or pre-recorded video-on-demand. Recently the American College of Sports and Medicine released their findings in the Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2018 and stated that HIIT was rated # 1, Group Training #2 , Body Weight Training #4, Yoga #7, Outdoor Activities #14, Flexibility and Mobility Rollers #15, Core Training #19 and Sport-Specific Training #20. Weber went on to say “All of these fitness program types can be delivered on a virtual fitness streaming platform, and by doing so the fitness club can extend it’s brand to new members that may not be comfortable in coming to a club or are outside the geographic region. Even for existing members, it can be offered as an add-on to enable them to have flexibility and choice in their fitness lifestyle. Fitness streaming is a significant revenue generating machine that requires very little overhead cost thanks to our platform and model.”

To find out more about the FitCloudConnect Free Trial Program and to Signup visit

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About FitCloudConnect

FitCloudConnect – The AnyWhere Fitness Connection – is a cloud-based (PAAS) Platform-as-a-Service for fitness clubs, yoga studios, and other wellness providers. The platform allows fitness and wellness providers to establish an online presence for streaming both live and on-demand fitness workouts. Club and studios can have a fully branded online fitness club within days at prices starting at $99 per month. The FitCloudConnect solution allows you to live stream and or provide on-demand recordings of your classes, instructors, and content such that you are building your clubs brand and increasing member engagement with your club experience.

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