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  • Brad Weber

Fitness Streaming is Here to Stay!

I am very happy to say that the entire FitCloudConnect company is THRILLED for our friends at Peloton who have announced they have successfully raised an additional $325 Million in financing for their virtual cycling service offering!

Why wouldn't we be?

This is an absolute exclamation point on everything that we and others like us have been trying to convince the fitness industry of for the last few years. Live streaming of fitness is here to stay and we are open for business.

FitCloudConnect has built a fully functional cloud-based Software as a Service which allows fitness clubs, yoga studio's, manufacturers, corporate wellness providers and virtually anyone looking for an online streaming presence to spin up a fully white-labeled service within days or weeks. We can integrate with existing club scheduling, management, billing and other solutions for a singular online platform.

While we understand that the fitness industry has developed success frameworks for remaining profitable that included the need to "get members into the club", this simply isn't the only solution for catering to the needs of today's consumers. The world is mobile and fitness providers need to be also.

Does it surprise you that YouTube, Facebook or Twitter offer live streaming now? Nope. It's happening everyone and those that don't adapt will not survive.

Just look up the parable of the boiling frog. While this has scientifically been proven to be more of a metaphor than a true fact, the existence of business in today's world must, must, must be thinking about differentiation and how adapting technology can improve their potential for success.

Thinking about what the "lifestyle of fitness" truly means. Thinking about how to offer their members and communities an online fitness experience that goes beyond simply registering for a class or checking a schedule. Imagine walking out of the club's front doors but continuing conversations, workouts, consultations and more while anywhere in the world anytime. That is the lifestyle of fitness and the winning ticket for building a fitness brand!

Congratulations again Peloton! For the full article check out any of these:

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