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  • Brad Weber

Making More Money From Your Group Fitness

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

So your club runs group fitness programming day in and day out doing the best you can to provide quality programming at convenient times but the truth is that this serves a small percentage of your membership effectively. Looking to make more money from your group fitness classes without changing anything? Read on......

If I could show you a way to "broadcast" that group fitness class out over the internet and make money from it, would you be interested? That's what we do... we are FitCloudConnect and we offer a technology for fitness clubs to broadcast classes and charge for it. You are already running the class, paying the instructor, why not post it online and make a new revenue stream from it?

If you are intrigued, go here to learn more or here to sign up for our new free trial program . If you are not quite convinced, keep reading....

Group Fitness is rated as the #2 club offering in the Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2018 so if you have group fitness you are on the right track. As a member there are all sorts of challenges to making a group fitness schedule work including:

• Late arriving to a group fitness class timeslot

• All spots are filled up

• Time allocations do not fit individuals schedules

• Summer months are low months and instructors and schedules are clawed back

• Individuals travel for work or vacation

• Not enough time at lunch or after work due to busy schedules (commute time + workout)

• Out of acceptable geographic distance or time in traffic too long

• Can't find the class you want at the time you can attend

• You are a frequent business traveler or just a frequent traveler itself

Whatever the reason, you as a club owner know that you can't be everything to everyone, or can you?

FitCloudConnect is a technology that is setup in your studio and actually broadcasts and/or records your classes and makes them available to consumers online for a price. Our platform is designed "in the cloud" so that means that we manage all the technical stuff and you simply, add your logo's, color's images, and working to online Virtual Fitness Training Center that we create for you, and then you set your price and start making money. Yes, it's that simple!

You are already paying the instructor to attend and teach so why not record the class and post it for viewing anytime by any member online. It will provide your member with massive flexibility to stay on track with their fitness plan but on their own schedule. The next wave of fitness technology is being led by fitness streaming and if you are not yet familiar with Peloton, you might want to because they have become a billion dollar business doing this and selling direct-to-consumer and they are gunning to take $$$$$ from the fitness clubs.

The FitCloudConnect platform can be configured to sell your online offerings at whatever price you want and offers member online self-signup and automated credit card monthly billing. So in essence you are doing pretty much what you are already doing but making more money because you have chosen to offer the very same classes to those who cannot or WILL NOT come to the club. It's like me telling you that I can offer you free money for doing absolutely nothing.... well not really, but I think you know what I'm getting at.

As a complete turnkey solution, the FitCloudConnect platform can be implemented and operational within days and you can exponentially add revenue to your bottom line. But if you are not in need of extra money, just disregard everything I've just talked about.

Live Big!

Brad Weber


FitCloudConnect Inc.

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