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  • Brad Weber

Peloton Adding Bricks and Mortar to Online Offering - Look out Clubs!

Club Solutions Magazine recently issued an article entitled "3 Moves at Peloton That Speak to the Future of the Fitness Industry" which digs into Peloton's overwhelming growth, recent investment and most importantly their move to add bricks and mortar to their online offering. It's time that fitness club operators take notice because they are coming directly for your members.

2 key CRITICAL takeaways from this article for health club operators that FitCloudConnect has been predicting and designing our solution to solve:

(1) Perhaps one of the biggest fears of a health club owner is that members will find a more convenient, cheaper, at-home exercise option that takes them away from the gym world for good.

(2) Online-only fitness offerings won't be sustainable any more than strictly brick and mortar health clubs will be. Whether you started online or with some sort of real estate, survival likely depends being able to operate in both arenas

If you would like to understand how FitCloudConnect Online Fitness Platform can instantly transform your club into an Online Fitness provider and ensure that your members are receiving the same great "lifestyle options" for fitness check us out at We can have you up and running within days with plans starting at $99 per year


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