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  • Brad Weber

Peloton to Launch Treadmill - "Peleton Wants to Take on Every Gym in America"

Is Fitness Streaming real? Is it time for fitness clubs to use it? Just ask Peloton or have a read through the numerous articles on Peloton's recent Treadmill Launch that has Live Streaming Classes.

FitCloudConnect provides a live streaming platform for any fitness club to use at a very low cost for protecting market share and competing with Peloton and others.

Check out this article from Business Insider

Here is an excerpt from the article.... note the first line.

First, it went for SoulCycle — and now Peloton wants to take on every gym in America. 

Peloton, the high-tech fitness company that was recently valued at about $1.25 billion after closing a $325 million financing round, has launched a new product: the Peloton Tread. 

The treadmill, which launches in the fall of 2018, works in the same way as the company's core product, the indoor bike. It has an HD touchscreen that streams thousands of different live and on-demand classes so that users can join the class from home without the hassle of going to the gym.

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