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Press Release: FitCloudConnect Launches VAR (Value-Added Reseller) and OEM Program

Press Release: FitCloudConnect Launches VAR (Value-Added Reseller) and OEM Program as Part of New Fitness Industry Alliance Initiatives

PRESS RELEASE NOV 30, 2017 09:00 EST

FitCloudConnect Launches Programs for Interested 3rd Party Fitness Industry Technology Providers to OEM and/or Resell Their Market Leading Virtual Fitness Live Streaming and VOD Service.

OTTAWA, CANADA – Nov 30, 2017 – FitCloudConnect, the fitness industry’s leading Online Fitness Platform, to help fitness clubs/studio’s, wellness providers and equipment manufacturers, to quickly and easily kickstart their online streaming presence, today announced new programs for value-added resellers as well as OEM partners to earn new revenues and offer FitCloudConnect Virtual Fitness Training Center as part of their existing products and platforms.

The VAR program is being released to enable resellers across North America and Europe the opportunity to enhance their product lineup and earn extra revenue in bringing the FitCloudConnect solution to their customers. “We are very excited to launch this program and invite resellers globally to offer our technology to their markets. This first year of commercial operations required a lot of fine tuning of the product and business model and we believe we are now at the point where we can offer this program effectively and scale to new geographic markets” said Brad Weber, CEO of FitCloudConnect. “This has been an exciting year and we are looking forward to an even more exciting 2018 with this new program expanding our reach.”

In continuing the mission to provide the highest level of cooperation and integration with existing fitness industry technologies, FitCloudConnect has also launched an OEM Program. This program will enable existing technology providers such as club management systems, mobile app providers, and others to build the FitCloudConnect streaming platform into their product. This OEM integration will allow existing technology providers to offer new cutting-edge streaming technology as part of their product and enhance their value proposition as well as earn additional revenue. “This OEM program is perhaps the most exciting stage in our evolution!” says Weber “We have always welcomed the opportunity to integrate our product with our customers existing technology solutions using our REST-API’s, but taking it to the next level by enabling these companies to OEM our streaming technology and build a unique club experience that clubs and members can see as an available option and turn on easily just makes sense for everyone. We believe that Peloton, who hasbeen mostly close-lipped over the last few months since their significant capital raise of $325 million in the spring, have likely been experiencing continued rocket-fueled growth in the live streaming market. If fitness clubs are not planning their fitness streaming online presence going into 2018, they will be left behind as many clubs have started adopting the idea and members are becoming aware of this new fitness trend and seeking out where to get it.”

For more information on either program visit to contact us.

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About FitCloudConnectFitCloudConnect – The AnyWhere Fitness Connection – is a cloud-based (PAAS) Platform-as-a-Service for fitness clubs, yoga studios, and other wellness providers. The platform allows fitness and wellness providers to establish an online presence for streaming both live and on-demand fitness workouts. Club and studios can have a fully branded online fitness club within days at prices starting at $99 per year. The FitCloudConnect solution allows you to live stream and or provide on-demand recordings of your classes, instructors, and content such that you are building your clubs brand and increasing member engagement with your club experience.


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