Reseller Program

The FitCloudConnect Reseller Program is designed for organizations who wish to resell our Platform to fitness clubs, wellness organizations and others.  The program is designed to provide assistance, knowledge and financial reward to help grow the FitCloudConnect brand globally.

Our Reseller Offerings


You are an introductions person.  You don't really want to get into the full arena of walking through the sales cycle but you have some contacts that you are willing to provide warm introductions to FitCloudConnect.  We call this our Referral Partner Program and we pay a 10% referral fee for approved referrals.

Solutions  Provider

Your organization works in the fitness industry providing products and services and you would really like to introduce FitCloudConnect to your customers. Perhaps you will integrate multiple solutions together but at a minimum support the sales process from beginning to end. Welcome to the Solutions Provider Program.


As a FitCloudConnect Distributor, you own a specific geographic region and will work with FitCloudConnect to develop new sales and implement the technology in that region.  You will be responsible for all aspects of billing, collections, installation and first line support.  


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